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6 Feet Apart!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

The humane touch! Yes, that was something we prided in. The power of touch. The power to connect, the power to heal. All through a single touch. One of our 6 senses!

Well then, a virus and a pandemic happened.

Slowly we are getting used to the new normal. One that forbade the use of this healing power! 

We, family physicians, love to greet our patients. We shake hands, we hug our patients. Our patients are our extended family. 

But now, nothing could be more painful, than having to treat them from afar, behind the barrier of a mask and several other things. 6 feet apart!

Not only our patients, having to stay that same distance, away from our loved ones, seems even more difficult.

Social distancing you say? How is it social? You cant hope to be social, by maintaining that distance away from people, without even seeing there faces, without touching them or shaking their hands!

Can we adjust to this new normal? Or is it too much for our social fabric?

I like to believe that we can overcome anything if we face these obstacles together. But can we be together, without risking infection?

Yes we can! 

We have to be together, we have to be there for each other, mentally and spiritually. Family is much more than just hugs and kisses. Family is the bond that we share. And bonds transcend all barriers, even a distance of 6 feet!

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