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Are You a Responsible Patient ?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Your responsibility, as a patient, while visiting the clinic

1. Taking a prior formal clinic appointment, will be helpful.

2. Informing the clinic beforehand if you have fever/cough/shortness of breath.

3. Giving proper history during pre-consultation.

4. Wearing mask when you come to the clinic & keep it on, at all times inside the clinic premises.

5. Bringing 1 attendant if needed with you, not more.

6. Follow all social distancing precautions, during your travel to the clinic and in the clinic itself.

7. Follow all safety and hygiene precautions as informed to you by clinic staff.

8. Wait patiently for your consultation. Due to additional hygiene precautions, consultation time may be a bit prolonged than usual.

9. If possible, use digital payment methods for consultation.

10. Follow all standard safety and disinfection protocols after returning home

11. Ask clinic staff/doctor in case of any queries.

12. Seek immediate medical advise if your symptoms worsen.

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