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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Mental Health! The Elephant in the room!

Something we have been gradually and systematically, programmed to ignore and even ridicule, from birth in our society.

Well all of you know what happens at the slightest mention of the "m" bomb! People around tend to go silent, and start throwing disapproving looks, avoid each other's gazes.

No, I'm not talking about "magic" in Uncle Vernon's house! Though our reaction isn't always quite dissimilar.

The ridicule, the laughter, the taunts, have they gone quieter over the years, as we became more educated? Or has the march of the darkness progressed unabated, gathering pace, as we speak.

The cause is a big one. The task at hand is a mammoth one. One that may take us deep into the forbidden forest, even to surrender to win the war.

We have lost many celebrities to this silent pandemic. Even though we may feel, money, fame, power & the limelight are enough to ward off the

darkness, in reality, our quest for material gains often take us towards the darkness, away from the warmth of our near & dear ones.

We may become role models for others, crusade against the problem, but our fight may not reach a happy ending one day. But the fight is important. Yes I think you fought long and hard.

But you cant fight it alone.

The darkness is too great to be defeated alone, without all the help from everyone around, too great to be conquered with just some occasional kind words.

It needs to be fought day in and day out, with warriors, committed to the cause. That includes doctors as well as common people, family members, friends, everyone.

The darkness wont accept defeat so easily and more so, as its inside us.

Rest in peace, brave souls, whom we have lost so early.

Hope we wont let your death go in vain.

Even in death, you force us to act against this darkness. Wish we were able to get you out, before it enveloped you.

Dont waste time, everyone, for the dementors are coming.

Lets hold on to our happy memories a bit tighter and produce a stronger patronus charm!

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